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Nominate your "Business of the Month"

The Streator Chamber of Commerce & Industry would like to recognize and honor the achievement, leadership, and impact local businesses make to our organization and the community at large.  The Small Business of the Month is presented to a member business that demonstrates the following:
              *Staying Power - Shows a history as an established business in Streator through                     time and community engagement.
              *Company growth - Shows positive growth trends in revenues and workforce.
              *Innovation - Demonstrates creativity and imagination in business and future                         planning.
              *Involvement - Active as a civic partner, both as an organization and by                                        encouraging  employees to be engaged citizens.
              *Response to Adversity - Facing challenges and overcoming obstacles with                               ingenuity,  optimism and hard work.
              *Exceptional Customer Service - go the extra mile, show the client they're                                 appreciated  respond to business requests.

Nominations will be collected by the 10th of each month and a winner selected by the Chamber's Executive Director Committee based on information provided in the nomination form.  Winners will then be recognized by the chamber through Various marketing channels.  SELF NOMINATIONS ARE ENCOURAGED.  An eligible nominee that is not chosen as the winner will have its nomination roll over for an additional two months.  If still not selected, the business may be nominated again.

Award Eligibility:
              *The business must by physically located with the Streatorland area/zip code.
              *The business must be a member, in good standing, of the Streator Chamber of                         Commerce &  Industry.
              *The business must have been in operation for at least two years.
              *The business must have less than 50 full-time employees.
              *The business exhibits commitment to the Streator Community by involvement                       and supporting  local activities and service organizations.                                  

"Business of the Month" Nomination Form