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NEW Streator Chamber Bucks Program 

Hello All!

We have launched a Streator Chamber Bucks program.
There is no easier way to keep money in Streator!  They make perfect gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, giveaways or incentive programs.  And what a deal.  Purchasers receive a 20% discount on these Bucks.  Imagine.  A $100 purchase at your place of business will only cost your customer $80 when using Chamber Bucks.  
If you would like to be listed as a business on the back of the Chamber Bucks please email us at sacci@mchsi.com by 8/24/20.  
This is a great way to support Streator and stay #StreatorSTRONG!  Thank you for your support! 

Streator Chamber Bucks

Chamber Bucks are perfect for any occasion; birthday, graduation, thank you, employee rewards and incentives – the possibilities are endless. Chamber Bucks are similar to a gift certificate – but can be used to purchase merchandise, products or services at many merchants and business members of the Streator Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber Bucks benefit the community, too! Using Chamber Bucks insures that the money is spent in the community, benefiting Chamber member businesses and the many contributions they make to our local community and economy.

What Can I Buy With Chamber Bucks?

Chamber Bucks are easy to purchase, easy to redeem and can be used for purchases at any Streator Chamber of Commerce member businesses. See our directory for a complete member listing. 

How do Chamber Bucks work?

To purchase Chamber Bucks visit the Chamber Office or call 815-672-2921.

You are purchasing these Bucks at a 20% Discount.

Example:  $100 in Chamber Bucks costs you only $80

Denominations: $25, $50, $100

To spend Chamber Bucks: Use them just like cash at any of our businesses listed on the back of the Buck! 

Bucks expire on April 15, 2021.   

Maximum purchase is $500. 

For merchants and businesses: Treat Chamber Bucks just like cash. After acceptance, contact the Chamber.  The Chamber will cut you a check to deposit into your bank.